April 22, 2010

O h H o w I L o v e S u m m e r

by kateriphotography

Getting the summer bug early this year?  Can’t wait for the sun on your skin, the ocean breeze kissing your face, or the sand in between your toes?

Here’s a little something to quench that Summer-Love thirst. “Oh how I love summer!”

S e a  G l i t t e r

M o r n i n g  L i g h t

A f t e r n o o n  L i g h t

T i d e  P o o l

April 22, 2010

Alexandra the Great

by kateriphotography

Alexandra Gaudiosi

S e l f    P o r t r a i t


I wanted to start off by saying, I never, in my wildest dreams thought I would start a blog.  My crazy life is busy enough as it is, with all the emails, text messages, twitter updates, and facebook friend requests, you would think my online dominion would be satisfied. But alas, my quest for knowing the unknown and conquering lands I have not (and currently can not) traveled to is as great as Alexander’s.   Because I can not build a ship and sail my way around the world, meeting new people, discovering new places, and finding culture and influences to bring back into my own life, I have started a blog. Hopefully other bloggers, and readers can help me discover myself as an Artist, and as a Human Being.

Now the facts. (I promise I’ll make it quick!)

-My name is Alexandra A. Gaudiosi  (its long and Italian)

-I am 22 years old.

-An aspiring professional photographer (although some say I already am… which brings me to the question, what makes you a “Professional”?  Because just being paid for your work seems too easy a qualifier. I know plenty of people who get paid for what they do, but they aren’t very good at their job.)

-I live in the beautiful South Florida, and I have my whole life.

-I love to travel like everyone else in the world who puts “traveling” as one of their interests. I mean, who wants to sit in their apartment all day and write blogs? Not me. Which is why I never thought I’d write one! But blogging will (I hope) bring me more knowledge and outlook on different questions, issues, and even my own work. I will devote time every week to try to entertain the audiences and write about my discoveries in photography.

-I love feedback, questions, or discussing topics!

So let me end this short post with 2 questions.

“What are you interested in reading about? ”


“What makes a person a ‘Professional'”?